The Racing Yacht V.S.

author Eugen Širola
project Project of the Yacht, Split, Croatia
written by Eugen Širola


The idea of a design of the racing yacht V.S. was born in the Split yachting club Labud in 1996. The hull of the model was tested in March 1997 and the radio-operated model in 1:10 ratio (the builder was Lenko Jakelić) in May 1997.


Hull and Deck


Two designs of hull and deck are proposed. At the start of design the honeycomb-cored fibreglass sandwich seemed at that time as the feasible solution. Respecting the stress forces and certain safety factors the lightest possible sandwich was selected. Reinforcements within the structure of the material were used only at points of great local tensions, so that the honey-comb core was substituted by a stronger material. The hull sandwich would be thicker with a stronger inner and outer fibreglass layer. The total weight of the hull and the deck with structural bulkheads and reinforcements in the fibreglass version would amount to 1,221.35 kg.