Kraški Zidar

architects Aljoša Dekleva, Dean Lah, Milan Tomac
project Headquarters of SGP Kraški Zidar, Sežana, SLovenia
written by Mateja Medvedič


One of the most important elements of corporate prestige has always been the office building. It forms an important point of the company image. In comparison with other media through which the company may build up its image the construction of an office building is extremely challenging. The creation of a building is a large investment for the company. Compared to other media, which are restricted by space and time, it presents a permanent form of temporal and spatial presence, and therefore has larger and more important influence on the environment than representation in any other media. The architecture therefore must hit the image the company itself wants to be associated with in the public. At the same time, it must be located in the city so that its location is in accordance with the regulatory mechanisms respecting the city itself and the location it occupies.