Specifying the Atmosphere

architects Nataša Jovanović, Christian Radics
project The Jovanović-Radics Flat, Vienna, Austria
written by Vera Grimmer


When the architect becomes his own client the result is always striking. Although architects’ homes may try to be materialized manifestos they are in a certain way their authors’ self portraits. Those spaces are sometimes sternly designed, filled with designers’ icons, and very much showcases. Paintings are allowed in if they match in color, and household members are not advised to move a vase or a lamp since it might ruin the functional system. On the other hand there are homes too, which are reflections of the emotional and spiritual world of their creators. Items are not chosen by reputation but according to some emotional attachment. These flats are usually filled by paintings of the architect’s friends and by artifacts from various eras – from Persian pottery to Venetian glass, all of it connected to personal experience.