Thirty Square Metres

architects Rok Oman, Špela Videčnik
project Wardrobe Studio, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Mateja Medvedič


Organising a small flat has always been a challenge to the architect as well as to the dweller. Thirty square metres is hardly an abundance, yet they have to pack in all the necessary “rooms”, from bedroom to bathroom. This is why small square footage such as this calls for redefining typical dwelling functions.

Greater restrictions of space challenge dwellers to forsake clichéd habits and invite them to give way to the difference offered by this space. This is even easier if the dweller happens to be the architect himself. With extreme spatial constraints such as these, the organisation of space and the size of particular rooms, which would normally define a “flat”, betray the dwellers’ personal inclinations, their lifestyle, and their sets of values. What is it they like to do and how do they like to do it? How much time do they spend at home? Do they work at home? Do they like to cook and have guests often? Do they like their bathroom or bedroom deluxe? Are they obsessively buying clothes, books, CDs, art, what have you? Small flats always betray personal idiosyncrasies which in turn leave their strong singular stamp on them. In architectural terms, space economy poses a constant challenge for certain everyday activities.