architects Sanja Leicher, Eduard Dukić
project Re-arrangment of a Family House, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Jasminka Rusan


Mlinovi is a residential neighbourhood on the foothills of Mt Medvenica near Zagreb. Although it is in terms of landscape one of the best parts of the city, this area is alas characterised by development that is very largely fragmented, unplanned and out of control. In such circumstances the streets are often too narrow and too steep, and the sites often have very strange shapes and tend to be too small.


In this area, the Ciglar-Frčko family had bought a relatively new house the functional and formal characteristics of which showed that everyone is capable of designing their own house is, alas once again, the common philosophy of the region, with all its almost irredeemable practical consequences. A lighter moment of the building is found in its rear garden open to the south and linked with the neighbouring orchard, visually reaching out to the greenery of the neighbouring slope. The internal organisation of the existing house completely ignored this fact.