Between Public and Private

architects Bogdan Reichenberg, Kaja Pogačar
project The Radvanje Housing Estate, Maribor, Slovenia
written by Bogdan Reichenberg


In the closed and exceptionally fixed  plan of the Radvanje housing estate in Maribor, which specified demands for the rural type of building design (traditional limited building outlines, two floors high-pitched roof, dark roof-covering....) besides the set normative division into blocks and terrace houses the architects promoted a third type –that of a house in a terrace. In the zone with the prescribed two-storey height limit a new housing type appeared, a kind of a vertical semi-detached house as a connecting element between terraced house and block housing. 


Two-storey terrace houses are set in three parallel rows. Each terrace is organized so that dwellings are divided into ground floor dwellings with a courtyard and upper floor dwelling with the roof terrace. It was important in the design phase to ensure identical living conditions despite the different dwelling locations.