Chronicle of a Destructive Mentality

photographer Rino Efendić
written by Ivica Župan


Back in the fifties of the twentieth century, Split saw a good deal of social activities going on at the public beach called Bačvice, whose buildings were the pride of modern local architecture. By day, people would play a game of volleyball in the shallows and by night the place would glitter under the flashlights; people would dance to live music, children would swoosh down slides, and the first tastes of love(making) would be experienced in the changing cabins. As the living standard grew over the decades, Bačvice lost in importance to other city hubs, but remained a well frequented place. Indeed, it became a part of the city legend and the place where the newcomers first made physical contact with the sea. Yet, the consuming force of the sea, time and above all the neglect of the townspeople led to the rapid decay of the beach’s constructions. There was no investment in it until the time it was completely replaced, which involved demolition and reconstruction.