Contemporary Dwelling

written by Aleš Vodopivec


A spectacular photograph of the Pruitt-Igoe housing slab block demolition in St. Louis in USA in 1972 became thanks to Jencks’s book “The Language of Post-Modern Architecture” an icon marking the end of Modernism. Today, when Post-Modern architecture is also a part of history, it is clear that the demolition of a housing block twenty years old meant much more than a simple transformation of style. That demolition spoke of the fact that the social aspects of Modernism were too optimistic. It pointed out the failures in housing construction, warned about life in housing blocks not being of the quality we used to believe in. That is why in some of the most developed countries (in Sweden for example) 30% of housing blocks are vacant. In spite of that it seems that today, on the threshold of the third millenium, it is self-explanatory that organized collective housing = block housing.