Defined Building Outlines, Amorphous Situation

architect Sanja Filep
project Housing building, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Sanja Filep


Due to the site dimensions, the given position of the access communications and the points of the compass, the building is designed in two basic volumes connected by an entrance platform. The vertical communications between these two housing volumes (stairs and lift) act as a service area for both volumes. Each of the corpuses consists of different dwelling types. The deck-access type makes possible both two-way oriented dwellings (12), and three-way oriented dwellings (18). The quality of different orientations (quality and characteristic of the light) and cross ventilation has the psychological impact of “entering into one’s own house”. 


The close interrelationship of the two volumes consequently creates a ground-floor urban space that can be used as an area for children’s play, collective parties, or on the upper floors as a meeting area for the tenants.