Function as a Goddess

architect Ivo Radić
project Housing and Commercial Building, Split, Croatia
written by Miće Gamulin


Ivo Radić is unquestionably one of the most outstanding figures of Croatian architecture, his work having passed even the most stringent professional selections. I have witnessed the surprise of other architects when they themselves actually see  the quality of Radić’s works. I have often had the opportunity to show Radić’s street – called Papandopulo Street today, once called Henrik Znidar{ić Street – to guests to the town of Split. Their expressions showed undoubted approval. Reviews of Radić’s architecture have always been unanimous that it is one of the highest achievements of Croatian architecture. However, if one reads the reviews more carefully, even those written by me, it may be concluded that these reviews only stated mere facts accompanied by a few colourless metaphors and that there was nothing there to explain the fact that this architecture, even today, still finds its loyal public. Everyone agrees that it is a question of something good, but if this is based on present day architecture evaluation tools there is still no one who actually penetrated into the aesthetic essence of it.