Gorenjska - Twixt Nature and Industry

architects Matevž Čelik, Saša Bunčić
project Apartment block, Lesce, Slovenia
written by Matevž Čelik

At the southern edge of Lesce there was enough space for another housing block. The lot is located between the former industrial complex and some old working class housing. On the south side the site is elevated by almost three meters.


The new housing block has all the characteristics of block typology. It has an elongated volume with markedly long facades, while the side facades “close in” a characteristic cross section. The typology of the block is adjusted to the characteristics of the terrain and neighborhood. The red housing volume lies on the concrete garages, as if on a pediment, and is hidden from the street and the former factory by glass verandas. The building is so positioned on the site that the intermediate space opens up and forms a yard, garden and greenery.