Interweaving of Cause and Effect

architects Robert J. Loher, Petar Mišković, Branimir Rajčić
project Housing building, Đakovo, Croatia
written by Tomislav Pavelić


How does one  approach a building  that discourages approach?


When I saw this house my feelings were mixed: a feeling of esteem and a feeling of utter repulsion. I felt as if I had been spoken to by a conceited person whose excellence, wit, beauty, skill – with good reason – seemed to justify that conceit. There is an unbearable lightness in how this house designed by Loher, Mišković and Rajčić fits into its Đakovo environment. This is the same lightness with which a girl of ravishing beauty enters her new classroom, aware that her beauty sets her far apart from her ordinary classmates. This house is that girl; settled on a lawn, ravishing in its Platonic beauty. Just like a Hitchcock ice-cold blonde among local peasant girls. Of course, there is no accounting for taste, and architecture is no exception. Yet, taste is not all there is to it.