Red Cascades

architects Saša Randić, Idis Turato
project Housing building, Rijeka, Croatia
written by Saša Randić, Idis Turato

photo Aljoša Brajdić

The building is located in a residential district on the outskirts of Rijeka, where the natural landscape is gradually being filled with family houses and smaller residential buildings. The aim was to find an appropriate housing typology that would adopt the quality of the environment, all within a limited construction budget of 500 € per m2


The building is organized in terraces, a set of individual units placed on top of each other, with terraces facing south. Each of the units has a separate outside entrance, combining the privacy and identity of the individual houses with the desired program. The northern part of the ground floor has garages, connected with a separate staircase inside the building. In total there are 9 dwellings on four floors, from 60 m2 to 110 m2.