Ship above the Sea

architect Danijel Marasović
project Housing building, Rijeka, Croatia
written by Danijel Marasović


A detached building, oriented northwest-southeast, parallel to the existing Primorska Street, the height is gf+4+a. 


The 6.0 m height difference in the longitudinal direction of the building determined the basic concept; the building is designed as a single volume, with the ground broken in the contact area into three levels in order to achieve the adequate solution for the height difference; the roof is “parallel” to the terrain i.e. the “ground” level; this enables entry from three levels. 


The southern part of the building, facing the sea, i.e. the city, is designed on all three ground floor  levels with public use spaces; business premises /shops have service entrances from Primorska street, with regulated terrain in front of each part; on the basement level “-2”, in the south eastern part, there are business premises facing the future square closed in by buildings  “A1” and “B”; 2 meter recessed ground floors are partly on columns, so all the business premises /shops are protected from sun; horizontal circulation is along and flat entrances are from 1.8 m wide decks; on the northern side on the ground floor levels are residents’ storerooms; on the ground floor beside business premises /shops the tenants’ storage and civil defence rooms are located.