Six Buildings and the Turkish Tower

architect Ante Kuzmanić
project Housing project Turska Kula, Split, Hrvatska
written by Damir Rako


If we are ready to accept the fact of our own material penury and are not ready to accept the adequate superstructure of spiritual values insisting on haughty self-confidence – then the lack of money is only an enormous universal excuse for our behaviour. 

 Frano Gotovac  S.D. 1979.



The area of Glavičine is a part of a wider zone known in Split as  the Turkish Tower, which is situated between the sports complex of Poljud on the west side and the stadium of Split Soccer Club on the east side. The zone is defined by the Hrvatska mornarica street from the south and by Put Supavla from the north. 


In his first article for Slobodna Dalmacija  in 1962 the architect Frano Gotovac wrote about the green oasis of Split depicting the Turkish Tower with the following words: “.......this beautiful segment of karst nature used to be for Split residents a synonym for the rendez-vous, for love and youth , although nobody officially proclaimed it a park......”  Gotovac probably could not foresee that forty years later the Turkish Tower still would not get “the official treatment” by the municipal authorities.