architects Superform / Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek
written by Dean Lah


Superform. A narrative name. In times when only effects, processes and systems are significant, in times when form has become almost forbidden. There is no one who negates the existence of this notion, but it is not being talked about. Not too much, anyway. About the form in the name itself. Even adorned with the adjective super! Therefore, an ultimate form in its clear, integral form. A courageous name. 


Even all those acquainted with the work of this young, competitive group who work together under this name soon discover that they do not work on products limited by their appearance. They often become reduced to basics during the creation process, or are the result of patterns that at first glance have no connection with the set task. The incoming data become the part of a fresh, usually expressive entity during the subsequent phases of product development. Products produced by the Superform group are just as uncompromising as their name.