We Don't Much Believe in Form

architect Anne Lacaton
interviewed by Ante Nikša Bilić, Saša Bradić, Vera Grimmer


Interviewed in Vienna, June 25 2003

ORIS: Today there is the opening of your exhibition in Vienna in the Architektur Zentrum, and at the same time there is another exhibition in Vienna by Zaha Hadid, which is a celebration of forms in a Baroque, Manneristic way. Your exhibition will show and presume the possibilities of architecture today in a completely different way.What do you think about the importance of form?


Lacaton: We dont believe in form very strongly. Form exists, of course, because you produce something, which is built, which has dimensions but this is really not something very important for us at the beginning. What is architecture for us – it is really producing spaces to live in, and to live well somewhere for everybody, to work, whether that is a school, a house or something else. This is the first aim for us and then there is also the question of the environment. You are never doing something in a free space, you work in a situation - it is landscape, or it is a part of the city. The situation is also very important for us. The question of the form arrives at the moment we decide what to build, the dimensions of the building, the shape, the structure.