On the Other Side

architects ARHITEKTURA doo
project Splavarska brv, Celje, Slovenia
              Ribja brv, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Nande Korpnik


The architecture today too often deviates from its rational nature, consciously or not, trying to affirm itself as a work of art on the personal level of its authors, which is less and less looking for a symbolic link between its content, and its tectonic expression. We might say that architecture is experiencing its formative expansion. In terms of technology, it is practically limitless. The new expressive forms almost always depend on new technologies, which are used by developed social systems to confirm their advanced nature, but it often happens that the architects use new technologies primarily in order to provoke, with the formative purpose, an emotion in the observer. The intertwinement of the rational tectonics and the visual narrative is in danger today, so it is often aestheticized for its own sake, and that can overpower the basic message in the sense of architecture’s use value, which has so far been the only permanent genome of architecture’s evolution.