Černigoj or the Ambivalence of the Avant-garde

written by Boris Podrecca


In the past decade, we have witnessed a shift in paradigm in the perception of arts. Avant-garde, the idea of progressive and innovative ideogram, was considered an ideal in the 1970s. Today the utopian way of thinking was replaced with the mnestic one.


In the case of Černigoj’s oeuvre, whose poetics consists of mental particles of shock and adaptation, this observation method offers us a new approach to his work. Thus we are be less interested in merely listing all of his parallel activities in relation to the trends of his time; the linear stylistic description or the encyclopedic consideration method will be of help even less. However, this shift in paradigm provides us with a good idea of all the segments of his eclectic work, where his karst and Mediterranean composition framework indicates a specific and peculiar hand behind all these stylistic preferences.