architects Log-urbis
project Olive House, Stara Novalja, Island of Pag, Croatia
written by Luka Korlaet


(...)Thus the dream house must possess every virtue. How­ever spacious, it must also be a cottage, a dove-cote, a nest, a chrysalis. Intimacy needs the heart of a nest.

Gaston Bachelard, Poetics of space


The Island of Pag is a favourite tourist destination in the northern Adriatic, an island of opposite sceneries – the landscape stripped bare by the bora and the Mediterranean woods / macchia. The most visited place is the tourist housing development Novalja and its beach Zrće. However, Stara Novalja is more remote (and therefore quieter) place, situated in a bay in the northwestern region of the island. It is formed by two rows of houses along a street that follows the line of the coast. Here, the customary coastal construction – perhaps due to low density of building? – is perceived as relatively tame.