Installation - the Focus of the Area

architects ROK
project MRQT Boutique, Stuttgart, Germany


When designing our projects, we are interested in combining innovative construction technology and computational design tools with a deep understanding of craftsmanship to conceive unique projects from small scale interiors to large span structures.


Located on a lively street in Stuttgart city center in southern Germany, the new mrqt boutique occupies a small space in the historic Hansabau building dating back to 1909. The store features a range of men clothing of premium street-ware brands. The narrow space features a large storefront window towards the street. A unique wall installation in the interior is visible already from the sidewalk and visually connects the street space with the interior of the store. The fur-like wall consisting of 22.000 wooden sticks of distinct directions and differing lengths creates an undulating and animated surface. The installation refers to the flowing forms and delicate texture of textiles and cloth, creating a strong background for the fashion items displayed.