Notes on the Occasion of Resuscitating an Artifact

architects rusan arhitektura
project Bellevue Hotel, Mali Lošinj, Island of Lošinj, Croatia
written by Boris Podrecca


The question arises whether all comments on Facebook and Twitter are more useful to assess the value of a hotel than professional architectural standpoints and reflections. Architectural criticism, namely, addresses a small number of recipients, and only marginally contributes to the reputation, or even success of new hotels. On the other hand, the development of a concept, as well as the experiments and dynamic dialogues of the building with its natural biotope, indicate that the society is motivated to achieve new standards in the environment. Thus a reaction occurs, resistance to hampering globalization and typification. More than any other type of building, a hotel becomes a reflection of society in transformation, which is why this issue is suitable for reflection.