The Modernist Dream at the Plitvice Lakes

architects Marijan Haberle, Zdenko Strižić
projects Kozjak Restaurant and Plitvice hotel, Plitvice lakes National Park
written by Martina Ivanuš


Walking down the promenade along the hotels near Velika Poljana, it is impossible not to notice, or to remain indifferent to two objects in immediate proximity, standing out of their surroundings by their appearance and intriguing views they present to passers-by. One of the two is the Kozjak restaurant, designed by architect Zdenko Strižić, and the other is Plitvice hotel, designed by architect Marijan Haberle. The story of the construction of these two facilities goes back to the mid-twentieth century, the years immediately after World War Two. On the wings of the post-war rebuilding efforts, the construction at the Plitvice Lakes gathered the elite protagonists of the post-war scene, be it in professional committees, such as the committee in charge of building tourist facilities which operated within one five-year-long planing period and changed members constantly, or be it on drafting studies, design activities, or on construction itself.