The Setting

architects NFO
project Arrangement of the Stjepan Radić Square, Crikvenica, Croatia
written by Mia Jurinović


The space-life balance of every town depends largely on its core – its location, size, and the functions it houses. The square, as a major city core element, has for centuries served as a meeting place, a place for the exchange of goods, services and information, a comfortable and safe place away from the busy traffic. From the moment of its creation, it has appeared in two shapes – as an open space, or a bazaar with an overhang and a street with a line of shops or stalls. The town of Crikvenica is specific in this respect: a favourite tourist destination of many Croatian continentals was characterised by an ill-defined town centre. The traditional promenade of Crikvenica at the Stjepan Radić Square was interrupted by an invasive traffic situation, while there was no larger open space intended for public gatherings. The renovated Stjepan Radić Square encompassing sections of Ivan Skomerža Street and Veliki mol presents the first of the three planned stages for the renovation of the Crikvenica town centre. The awarded tender project also foresees a Park of Fallen Fighters and the construction of a Town Pavilion.