You Have to Dream

written by Nenad Fabijanić


There is an insurmountable gap between knowing 

living and knowing how to live.


A ship is not a house nor is it a grave. It is the need for solitude and silence. Forever, for the vast expanse and as a miniature – a ship is a spatialized pleasure. Quite understandably, I find reasons for the literal and constant sailing in the existential needs of seamen and fishermen: Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse. For boaters and athletes, sailing is an occasional occurrence of the spirit of adventure, providing sufficient time. Yet, to dream of one’s own boat and sailing, for limitations evident, most commonly means to persist in constant longing and fitness of imagination. I have been trying to determine the interest of architects in ships, the connection between the two. To envision one’s own ship implies to form the theme and means, which allows for no imperfections. This is an elementary creative provocation and personification, profiling where everything is reduced to the individualistic; from approach to attitude, from ethics to aesthetics, from the important to the more important, from larger and taller to reduction. The fields of design, function…an elite task for the designer and the constructor.