Black House at rthe End of the Village

architects Studio Autori
project Terra Panonica Complex, Mokrin, Serbia
written by Snežana Ristić


Three girls and a boy, who would later become members of Studio Autori, had not yet even graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Architecture when they got an opportunity that even experienced professionals would rejoice in. The location is not prestigious. A former farm of the Novakov family in Mokrin, a North Banat village in Vojvodina, Serbia, 13 km from Kikinda, famous for its wines, leafy cheese, hams, strudels, tamburitza players, Easter Egg Tapping contests and gander fighting championships. On the farm, there were a few dilapidated buildings, and a ruined farmhouse that was built with certain ambitions in the 1920s. The client wanted to convert his estate into a complex mixture of high-end tourism, business, creativity, and culture. He had money and a vision and he invited several teams to cooperate. The client opted for the young and inexperienced and they were pleased with how they responded to their requirements. The group became Studio Autori, and worked simultaneously on both their graduate theses and their first real projects.