On the Way to

photography SIniša Glogoški
written by Davorka Perić


When we begin to feel our own absence from our current location, there appears a strong need for going away, travelling... The journey itself is our goal and sometimes and only sometimes the goals are specific. The process of the journey is related to the process of self-identification. Sometimes, this image of self-identification is vague and then we function independently, like a person without a country or a person who belongs to more than one country, and then it is not easy for us to connect with a certain location or give it major importance. The feeling of belonging to a specific location, region, culture or a nation in case of a modern nomad has been equally overcome with a nomad who travels out of a luxury as well as the one who travels to survive. It is clear that political reasons are always in the background of such journeys, but the nomads are not always aware of them because they are often suppressed and transformed into their path ahead – the utopia of nomadism.