The Unity of Concept and Landscape

architects WMR arquitectos
project Surazo Hotel, Matanzas, Navidad, Chile
written by Nicolás Valdés Rojic


A couple that decided to leave the city and start all over again by the ocean. The Pacific Ocean, to be precise. 200 km to the west from Santiago, the capital of Chile, is Matanzas. A small village with a history of farming and fishing, only separated by a long and wide grey sandy beach. Today, Matanzas, with its harsh wind, has left it’s past, becoming a new centre for windsurfing in the Chilean coast visited not only by locals but by professional riders from abroad as well. This wind is what attracted this couple, who eventually got married and decided to celebrate it at a special place. They chose an empty plot next to the village’s church, by the beach with a line of old and tall pine trees dating back to when the wind needed to be stopped for crops to grow. Today, this place is where Surazo Hotel stands. Front line next to the sea.