Intimacy and Rebirth

architects Igor Pedišić, Iva Letilović
project Weekend House, Silba, Croatia
written by Boris Podrecca


For almost ten years now, Gisela and I have spent part of the summer on Silba. For many years, Toni Biloslav, a former headmaster of the Coastal Galleries in the Slovene Istria, would convince us that this island was a paradiso and after the famous Italian curator Achille, Bonito Oliva, eventually issued a decree saying the same, we surrendered. Finally, Šime Vulas put us into motion and informed us of a dilapidated building that required reconstruction and expansion. And so we familiarized ourselves with this, in comparison with our dynamic Vienna, modest pret-à-porter pedestrian island that has been able to resist aggressive tourism and to retain intact flora and fauna.