A Story About Kolorina

project House on Kolorina, Dubrovnik, Croatia
told by Jagoda Buić


There are many stories and legends about that place that is called Kolorina.


Between Lovrijenac fortification and Gradac park there is a bay, formed at the mouth of a freshwater creek, where wool was dyed in more recent history. The building is included in the cultural heritage list and all the works on introducing new functions of habitation and atelier were carried out following advice and under control of the great conservator Dubravka Beretić from Dubrovnik. It is said that caves for these dwellings were created by digging stones to build the fortification, and that as far as the 12th century. Initially, workers who were building Lovrijenac lived and slept here, and then functions changed. During the Republic of Ragusa this place was inhabited by weavers who weaved famous ethnic bed covers called lancun, made from Rascia (unrefined wool cloth) or from the hair of goat and sheep. People have been dyeing and weaving here for as long as anyone can remember. The Rešetar Almanac says that a witch lived here who was never able to boil water, and also that stray dogs were locked up here. Many old people still remember this place as an exciting, mysterious, forbidden place for playing.