Freshening Up the Architect's Intimate World

architect Maruša Zorec
project Renovation of the Plečnik House, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Miloš Kosec


Living spaces that architects plan for themselves are seldom either typical or illustrative examples of the rest of their oeuvre. Sometimes, however, they cannot hide their aspirations towards a total work of art, temptation of the authors due to their rare dual role of both the client and the architect at the same time. The results of such aspirations are materialized proof, of what the architect knows and is capable of that are intended for himself as much as for others. Jože Plečnik’s home in Ljubljana is something entirely different. Squeezed into the background of the mighty Trnovo Church, the two single story houses in the suburbs, specifically in Karunova Street, distinguish themselves from the neighboring craftsmen’s homes only by their façades, their walls of brick and stone. In no way are they a continuation of the architect’s other monumental projects. On every step, however, the architect’s complex and intimate world makes itself visible, revealing itself in its duality: it is open as well as private, relaxed as well as reserved.