16000 Litres of Sea

architects Rožić arhitekti, Katušić Kocbek arhitekti
project Svilno 2 Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing Complex, Rijeka, Croatia
written by Mira Stanić


If you have, in the last couple of years, reached the city of Rijeka from the mainland, you have surely – in the proximity of the city, in a place called Svilno, on the left side of the 37- year-awaited highway – seen a large surface of segmented aluminum roof. The purpose of the place sheltered under that same roof has probably remained unknown to you. Despite the fact that the road signs will direct you to enter the Jadran-Galenski Laboratories from the south side, the right direction would be the opposite – following the slope towards the sea that was formed at the very beginning of the 19th century when Louisiana Road, the main export route from the Hungaro-Croatian hinterlands towards the ports of the Adriatic was built. From that very road – next to the local tavern where, from the times when the project of Igor Rožić and Davor Katušić started to acquire shape, the purpose of the building was pondered upon (another oversized sports hall or, a more plausible guess, another shopping mall on the outskirts of the city) – one descends towards the existing production agglomerates of jgl. From this heterogenic compound, further in the valley, a new complex was built, naturally, almost organically, as a result of the continuity of a successful business without the usual transition-accompanying scandals.