Openness of the Circle

architects Katušić Kocbek arhitekti
project BIOCentre Incubation Centre for Biosciences, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Lovorka Prpić 


In 2007, the University Campus Borongaj was inaugurated in the complex of former military barracks. The campus was designed as a dislocated eastern focus in the constellation of Zagreb’s campuses, including the central one, which extends from the western arm of the Green Horseshoe to the University Avenue and then continues with the northern campus of Šalata / Horvatovac, as well as the university buildings in Maksimir. The existing military barracks in the Borongaj campus were quickly adapted to cater for the needs of four university faculties, those of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, Transport and Traffic Sciences, Croatian Studies, and Economics and Business. A tender for the urban-architectural concept was launched in 2011. The first-awarded project of njiric+ arhitekti studio (2013) formed the basis of the master plan for the University Campus Borongaj. Since then, however, the realization and even the very future of the campus have become questionable.