Oris - A Draft Revision

written by Maroje Mrduljaš

Oris magazine, a project that has made a significant impact on the media landscape regarding the architectural scene in Croatia and the region over the last fifteen years, is approaching its 100th edition. The end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s was a period in which Croatia appeared to be moving towards normalisation, that is, towards consolidation of a democratic society and integration into global economic and cultural flows. The Association of Croatian Architects has been continuingly publishing its magazine Čovjek i prostor, which ensured the survival of architectural discourse, at least on its symbolical and documentary level, if not necessarily on the content level. We can still find solid and topical articles on architecture in daily newspapers, notably those written by the vehement Krešimir Rogina for Jutarnji list, however, a stronger stream of articles on construction and design, intoned as a lifestyle genre, has yet to take place. In the context in which the magazine Čovjek i prostor covers the life of architecture, Oris appeared as a mainstream magazine, primarily dedicated to architecture built by architects – authors, as well as to other cultural domains.