Tailoring the Character

authors Studio I-GLE
interviewed by Sandra Križić Roban


Interviewed in Zagreb on 16 March 2016


From the moment in 1997 when they began working under the name Studio I-Gle, Nataša Mihaljčišin and Martina Vrdoljak Ranilović have intrigued with fashion awareness all those who care less about following trends than establishing a relationship with clothes, finding a balance between the desire to look as good as possible, to be interesting (both to oneself and others) and to retain individualism at a time of total absorption with the consumer mentality. Their clothes demand of us to constantly explore the options to wear them, to play with them thanks to the inconstancy of complex cuts and combinations of materials. The challenge before us is not limited to dressing the body, but is also an attempt to reinterpret space by dressing it. Nataša and Martina deconstruct the existing, inspired by reverse reflections and false images (that we nurture about ourselves), taking the functionality of individual clothing items purposefully to the very limit.


ORIS — Next year will be the 20th year of your career, your anniversary is approaching. You have been working together for a very long time. What has changed, and what has stayed the same? If you would do a snap reexamination of your relationship towards fashion, would it be marked by some significant differences?


I-GLE — Yes, the relations have changed. Playfulness and creativity have probably stayed in their original state, but the way our relationship manifests itself and everything else has changed in time. If I would draw an analogy with psychology, we have all three ego conditions: an Adult, a Parent and a Child, which remained the same, but have changed as well. I would not say that a Copernican turn has happened and that once we had one approach, and now a different one. However, as we matured, so did everything else, determined by our growing up processes and changes.