The Pakoštane Simulacrum

architects Dražen Juračić, Jelena Skorup
project Pine Beach Restaurant and Kitchen, Pakoštane, Croatia
written by Dubravko Bačić


Club Méditerranée is a French tourist corporation that is believed to have invented all-inclusive resorts. After their first resort opened in 1950 on Majorca, other resorts have been built in the most magical locations around the world and have continuously attracted an increasing number of fans. Club Med soon became a global synonym for the exotic, the charmingly hedonistic and a specific vacation place – ecotourism and Robinson Crusoe-type tourism, active vacation and fun, and a family destination as well. It is no wonder then, that a famous Belgian adventurer and water polo champion Gérard Blitz, amazed by the natural beauty of Pakoštane, chose this very location in 1960 to build the first tourist settlement of that type on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea within the world-famous Club Méditerranée family. In this fascinating nook of Dalmatia, the architects Dražen Juračić and Jelena Skorup designed and built a new restaurant and kitchen building in the former Club Med resort that is now called Pine Beach Pakoštane.