Two Sides of the Same Coin

architects Ivanišin.Kabashi.Arhitekti
project Subsidized housing development, Dubrovnik, Croatia
architect Florian Sauter


Ever since the Second World War, there have been architectural tendencies advocating a new or critical regional- or realism; an architecture that relates to local roots but also connects to more global and contemporary forms of knowledge. At its core, the theory proposes not to reconstruct, but to interpret and read the identity of a place with different layers and meanings, to look at the genius loci from changing perspectives and shifting scales. In this context, the city of Dubrovnik where at the outskirts the site of this socially subsidized housing project by Ivanišin Kabashi arhitekti is located plays a crucial role with its hosting of the last ciam meeting and the implementation of the generation of 1956 (Le Corbusier). Team X’s consequent, less hierarchically organized structure led the basis for today’s global discourse, where every action at the periphery can become the center of discussion.