Vital History

architect Vanja Ilić
project Permanent exhibition design for the Museum of Vučedol Culture
written by Vera Grimmer


Standing at the Vučedol plateau Gradac with the view of the powerful flow of the Danube and the endless Pannonian Plain in the background on one side and the carpet of green vineyards that grow on the fertile loess soil on the other side, is an experience you do not forget easily. The power of the experience is intensified by the awareness of the historic character of the location, the traces of people and artefacts more than 5000 years old that may still be undiscovered. The complete perception of the natural and cultural world of the location is affected by experiencing the newly-opened Museum of Vučedol Culture, with topographically sensitive architecture, buried into the hill and situated in the vicinity of the archaeological site. It is a museum that has the clarity of a megaron, a building that drew itself, as it is said by its author Goran Rako.