The Genesis of a Place

architects Bevk Perović arhitekti
project Polje 3 Housing, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Jure Grohar


Subsidized housing schemes – an opportunity for architecture in the suburbs


Due to lower land prices, the national and municipal housing funds in Slovenia tend to build housing in suburban areas. From an aspect which aspires to connect the multitude of differences in society and as such results in a contemporary, socially sustainable urban design, we might as well recognize the situation as a new potential for the metropolitan fringes. By building new housing structures we implement a new, more urbane context, with a myriad of diverse environments.


The housing neighborhood Polje III connects the existing Polje I (completed in 2005) and Polje II (completed in 2011) together with public programs – a kindergarten, two new locales, and an existing bank office. Together, the three housing developments combined with the communal public spaces form a neighborhood along the boundary of the existing urban tissue and natural landscape.