architect Alberto Campo Baeza
project Raumplan House, Madrid, Spain
written by Divna Antičević


There are houses that move us in a special way, the ones that simply feel right. A piece of sky captured within a frame, a stairway hiding behind the corner, a view of a tree from the kitchen window, the images that flicker inside us, becoming a pleasant melody of serenity. With their concept, architecture, materiality, they answer questions we pose, they install a piece of restlessness, a wish to discern, study and absorb them.


The work of Alberto Campo Baeza is a treasury of those types of houses. The way Campo Baeza sees things and the way in which the objects react to his ideas is at the same time a very powerful realization of concepts and ideas and a poetic interpretation of the material and the corporeal. The projects such as Guerrero House, Olnick Spanu House, a bank in Granada, the Andalucia’s Museum of Memory or the square in between the cathedrals in Cádiz are clear in themselves, clean and eloquent. It is obvious that they are the projects of one sensibility, one pair of hands, but it is also obvious that they are about research and the materialization of different ideas, ideas that are the products of readings, of studying history and the ancestors, of thinking, sketching and, lastly, of a patient rereading of concepts while creating numerous models. Always patiently, always dedicatedly – the embodiment of the maxim firmitas, utilitas, venustas.