Transformations of van Gogh’s Bed

author Nenad Fabijanić
written by Vera Grimmer


Architecture and art share the same field of human existential experience... Art and architecture come from the realm of poetry. These are the words, themselves very poetic, of Nordic bard Juhani Pallasmaa, who points to the possibility and even the necessity of joint action of formative arts. It is the interactional activity of architecture, visual or performative arts that makes a substantial part of the oeuvre of architect, urban planner, set designer, master of details, and certainly man of theater, Nenad Fabijanić. Very early on, he exceeded the limits of the métier so that, at a group exhibition of then young architects in 1982 at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, the predecessor of today’s Museum of Contemporary Art, titled Details, he participated with his contribution of a set design project – Space for One Day. He defined the very idea of the exhibition as: a detail – the individual in the general, the immediate in time, the impulse in continuity.