Respect Towards the Existing

architects María González Juanjo, López de la Cruz
written by Jaume Prat Ortells


Human thought constructs its discourse by means of a dialectic between multiple voices that confront diverse aspects of the issue at hand. Independently from a possible, a posteriori presentation in the form of a linear structure in which all parts of a reasoning are shown in an almost magical order, this operative method is the only known way to address complex issues. The structure of a line of thought is also the structure behind a design, which can rarely be explained coherently without picking apart the factors that have made up the conversation that, in turn, has yielded an architectural work. Such is the case of the Hospitality Services School in Medina Sidonia, a project by the Andalusian architectural practice Sol 89. The building, a coherent and thought-out work, can be understood as the materialization of the dialectic between the three factors that have  tructured, formalized and activated it: the city, memory and program. The city, understood as the group of generic organisms that house more than 50% of the human population, results from the addition of buildings the scales of which, regardless of their size, are always smaller than the tissue they are part of