The Petrified Hut

architects Selina Walder, Georg Nickisch


The Refugi Lieptgas stands where, in the past, a wooden structure stood, which served as a shelter to the farming people. In front of the hut, a narrow path leads into the forest of Flims. On the opposite side, there is a stable; together they form a kind of a gate into the forest. Both buildings – the cabin and the stable – were abandoned, about to decline. This ensemble creates an image which leaves a strong memory of this place, and when the legislation required that the character of the pre-existing cabin be kept, this memory was the thing to preserve. It was possible to convert the formerly inhabited part of the ensemble and replace it with a newconstruction. Wood, or more precisely, processed wood we use today, without the directness of the traditional wood production and relationship to the forest, no longer seemed like the right choice as construction material in this shady, rather moisty place. The new hut now stands as petrification of the abandoned structure in exactly the same place.