The Pyramidal Forest

architects Igor Pedišić, Iva Letilović
written by Ana Ćurić


Tourism posters promoting one-day Advent trips to Vienna or Graz have been increasingly rare on Zagreb’s public billboards in recent years. The reason for this is now the subject of general knowledge. German, as well as other European languages, not just in the summer, but also in December, have been echoing through the city centre. The famous Central European custom has taken hold in Zagreb—stalls, mulled wine, sausages, noise, light and colourfulness—which, according to the European Best Destinations portal, exceeded and surpassed much more experienced participants in the last two years. Anyone who spent the last few Decembers in Zagreb will agree that changes are increasingly noticeable. The Christmas markets are growing, they are getting richer in terms of content; the stalls multiply, as well as the locations, the city is increasingly brighter, the crowds larger. If walking from one Christmas market point to another, at a cursory glance, it may seem that things repeat: the same offer, similar stalls, almost identical price lists, etc. However, there are several places in the city which have decided to make their mark and integrate their areas both thematically and visually.