Three Faces of the Praksa Cooperative

architects Vjekoslav Gašparović, Helena Sterpin, Emil Jurcan
written by David Kabalin


The opportunity to write about three projects that seemingly do not have much in common confused me at first. The projects are different in form, scale and typology; they house diverse programmes; they are located in quite distinct environments and, finally, they are designed by different authors whose only connection is the cooperation in the Pula-based Praksa cooperative – the first engineering cooperative in Croatia. The individuality of projects reflects the character of the cooperative within which they were created; the one quality that distinguishes cooperatives from other forms of companies, offices or businesses are mutual relations of their members. Cooperatives are socio-economic associations of equal natural and legal persons who directly participate in decisions affecting all activities and projects, and are characterised, among other things, by solidarity, mutual help and exchange of knowledge among their members.