A Spirit Needs a Whole

written by Andrej Hrausky
architect Alessio Coloni

There are no recipes for architecture. We are aware of our wishes and goals, but we are constantly faced with limitations. The location of the site, as well as the financial, technical and administration limitations are never ideal conditions for an architect, but force them to make compromises. Some things need to be sacrificed to achieve good results. It is the skill of making compromises that reflects the quality of architecture. Good architecture renounces less important particularities in favour of those that are more important; it transforms flaws into advantages. The conditions of construction, wishes and priorities of the investor are different in every project. For centuries, architects have dealt with the, apparently, identical task – a residential house, which is good because the result is always different and, if it is successful, it contributes to the enrichment of the architectural culture. The same can be said for the House P designed by architect Alessio Coloni.