Interior Urban and Total Design

written by Maroje Mrduljaš
architect Vedrana Ergić

The interior of the Adris grupa (ag) office building, inserted into the former industrial block in the centre of Zagreb, is a unique exploration of the topic related to office environments in which the topics of openness and flexibility are affirmed. In the already completed building, Ergić created a new and complex interior urban design based on the principles of contemporary total design in which the design, technological and functional themes are carefully coordinated. A formally and perceptively rich interior office landscape is thus achieved, giving home to the very heterogeneous contents and offering diverse spatial schemes and ambiances carefully in tune with the specific needs. In contrast with the largely generic contemporary office spaces, the ag building is designed with equal devotion to the scale of the details and the whole in order to respond to the specific working processes and to constitute symbolic meanings of the corporate environment.