Piano Nobile in a Pine Forest

written by Vera Grimmer
architects Antonia Lehmann S.B. and Luis Izquierdo W.

During their work on the design of the Sumar House, architects Luis Izquierdo and Antonia Lehmann did not deal with post-Loosian spatial research, nor with De Stijlian volumetric compositions, but with the specific needs of the users, namely, in an honest, functionally practical and at the same time sophisticated way. The position close to the Pacific coast was an important determinant for the definition of the volume of the house. A raised piano nobile opens up to distant ocean horizons. The rooms of the piano nobile, which are intended for the family, are protected from the northern, entrance side by a glazed veranda, while the southern side is shaded by a large eaves overhang supported by densely arranged wooden scantlings.