The Architect of the Mediterranean

architect Dinko Kovačić
interviewed by Ante Nikša Bilić and Vera Grimmer

The label the architect of the Mediterranean certainly suits Dinko Kovačić, a native of Split by temperament and speak, but also a professor and a builder of spaces of joy. By making these spaces, he wishes to contribute to the happiness of the inhabitants of his houses, schools, hotels, residential buildings – from the skyscraper of the famous neighbourhood Split 3 to his family’s intimate vacation home. The spaces of unity of his schools, built in the eighties and nineties, correspond well to the principles of contemporary pedagogy. These schools reflect the city, with its squares and streets.
With narrative and memory, he creates his renowed Bretanide Hotel, as a break for a little pleasure. Carefully, sometimes ostentatiously, but always with great skill, Dinko Kovačić designs optimistic spaces of joy because he knows that, on the road to happiness, architecture marks an important lap.