Radical Normality

architects Arhitektonski buro Turato
project Wooden house, Klimno, Island of Krk, Croatia


The Wooden House is located on a spacious plot, set in a rich Mediterranean garden. It is intended for temporary stays, serving their owners for relaxation and encouraging leisure. The project for the Wooden House emerged as a result of research into the rhetoric of materials and construction, as well as their relation through changeable programs and purposes in architecture.


The idea of the Wooden House is fulfilled through strong poetics of wooden construction. The house is designed as an open structure with multiple entrances and exits, as a matrix of different ambiences within the interior and the exterior of the house and transitional spaces in between. The roof of the house is covered with traditional tiles in different sizes and colours. The dimensions of the roof create a deep porch achieved with long beams that define the transitional zone of the house towards the garden and the pool and vice versa.


The Wooden House has no classic windows or doors; it has neither full walls nor concrete or brick built constructive elements. There are no classic rooms, floors of the house or a basement. There are no permanent residents, standard spatial hierarchy, or a clearly defined function. Varied programs of leisure, hedonism and relaxation are supported with small boxes placed under the roof of the house, which contain all the necessary zones, devices and household appliances. Spaces between the interior and the exterior of the house, located at the corners of the building, are designed as winter and summer gardens, covered with polycarbonate and polypropylene panels.